Your company will always need to deal with employee/employer issues. Although almost all of our employment laws are complaint driven, you will nevertheless be judged by the quality of your decisions at all times. Employees express their dissatisfaction in many ways from resigning from your employment or in the extreme, pursuing a more combative approach through the regulatory bodies or the grievance procedure of the collective agreement. There are many tough decisions to be made when dealing with Labour relations issues. We are able to provide you access to seasoned professionals to use as a "sounding board" before making those tough decisions. We are not lawyers and we do not provide legal opinions, however, we have decades of human resources and industrial relations experience as well as access to all current legislation and jurisprudence in Canada. Tapping into this knowledge base will assist you in developing an effective Labour relations strategy. Whether the issues relate to: WE WILL BE YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE YOUR ESTIMATED REQUIREMENTS One employee in your organization, normally the human resources practitioner calling 1-5 times per month for advice/information. FEE - $175.00 per month CANCELLATION-30 day notice We welcome the opportunity to provide exceptional support to your organization.