How do you manage your team? A glimpse into the world of HR/IR and what we do

With a million things going on at once, it is difficult to prioritize where you need to be at a given time. Customers, operations and ever changing business development are high on the list for any business owner/executive; however; we are here today to shed some light on 1 Core Concept that affects all of the above…. Effective People Management.

While employee relations may not be a top priority it will inevitably never go away. The minefield that we call human resources can be tiresome, confusing and difficult to manage. That is why we, at HR/IR, do what we do to help you mitigate your risk against the worst possible scenario….

The Fear of the Common CEO may be vastly different amongst different industries; but themes of unionization, litigation, human rights complaints, occupational health and safety complaints, exposure to potential litigation, fairness and compliance failures remain constant staples. These events are complicated and can require lots of time and energy that you probably want to spend elsewhere (like growing your evolving business).  This where HR/IR comes in….we take these “people problems” and we the provide support to your managers to do what they do best.

How do we do this? This is the main feature of our platform…not the “What happens when” or the “Who needs to deal with this” or even “Why is this happening”? We take the stance of “HOW you’re your managers going to deal with inevitable issues they face when it comes to their staff.”

The answer is simple…we empower them to practice fair and compliant management initiatives and support them along the way.

We do this through our online tools available. How do these tools help managers?

  1. HR Toolbox– This platform is ready to use and holds a wealth of information your managers can utilize when it comes to all stages of the employment cycle. Ready to hire? No problem, review our lists of job descriptions, links to online assessments for candidates to measure competencies, interview guidelines and so much more. What happens if a worker is refusing to come into work saying they do not feel safe because of Covid? Posted guidelines on what to do in a workplace refusal situation are available, Health and Safety Committees Factsheets, Risk Assessment Information, the list goes on and on. Need to terminate somebody? We have a Release Letter Template ready to go…just input the employee’s information and you are good to administer.

What else….

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys – I bet you have heard this time and time again. “HR loves to survey” “HR needs us to do something” “HR wants more employee engagement” blah blah blah…All you probably hear is extra work for managers. Welll…this is where you’re wrong. With HR/IR’s employee satisfaction survey we take all the leg work out ….with our pre-constructed templates we allow managers to take a 30,000 feet vantage point on what is REALLY going on. Surveys provide insights to high turnover problems, the threat of unionization, low productivity, fairness and policy enforcement; all while being 100% anonymous (protecting staff) and saving you time and money by developing strategic initiatives around the responses received. These surveys will help with employee retention, motivation, keep the union out, increase employee productivity… leading to profitability.
  • The Problem Employee – every organization has one. That one person who you know will create turmoil and drama around the office, studio, shop floor, Zoom call, or whatever platform you call your workspace. How does HR/IR help you with them? Our Employment Advisory Service is just a phone call away as a para-legal sounding board to help guide management in dealing with this person in a fair, and reasonable measure.

These are just a few solutions HR/IR provides – we also have Outplacement and Career Counselling Services, Policy Manual Reviews and/or Composition,  Management Training and Development Courses and so much more.

Need some further insights to see what type of organization you lead? I ask you provide HR/IR’s HR Checklist to your management team to see where you lie. Take our quiz online, or ask for a hard copy… the choice is yours. Email us at and you will receive your Checklist within 24 hours.

On behalf of all of us at HR/IR – mitigate your risk – improve your outcomes – and increase profitability. How? Through Effective People Management.