Platz and Associates Inc. has been in the business of Management Consulting for over 25 years. Along with specialized senior human resources practitioners as required and with a wealth of experience in the private and public sector, union and non-union environments in a variety of industries I provide non-traditional cost-effective solutions. An alternative to the typical distribution of consulting, legal and in-house specialization in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, I believe that all Managers are responsible for managing their "human resources". With that in mind, we provide Managers with direct access to the tools and resources they need, to effectively manage their employees and in doing so, reduce the associated risks of decision making related to employment. We are committed to developing long term working relationships with our clients.
John Platz is a seasoned Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 40 years of success across the industrial relations, HR, hospitality, energy, manufacturing, financial services, high tech, and non-profit sectors. Leveraging extensive experience in a broad range of senior consulting roles in the HR and industrial relations space, he is a valuable asset for companies working on due diligence toward investor relations, compliance issues, HR systems, M&A activity, or disruptive technology. His broad areas of expertise include human resources, strategic planning, governance, unions, collective bargaining, negotiations, conflict management, organizational development, executive search, team building, and leadership development. Throughout his executive career, Mr. Platz has held leadership positions at companies including Platz & Associates, HR/IR Satellite Inc., Global Hospitality Search Consultants Ltd., and Commonwealth Hospitality. As CEO of Platz & Associates since 1994, he leads the management consulting firm specializing in HR and industrial relations. He has also been CEO of HR/IR Satellite since 2001, providing distribution of online HR products and services with a focus on employee satisfaction surveys. He additionally serves as an Advisor to Global Hospitality Search Consultants since 2008 and as a Facilitator for “managing in a Unionized Environment” with the Schulich Executive Education Centre since 2005. He previously held senior HR roles with Commonwealth Hospitality, Brunswick Mining & Smelting, Livingston International, Griffith Laboratories, and Weston Bakeries. He has been responsible for personally negotiating more than 170 collective agreements with a heavy emphasis on the hotel sector, has successfully completed training and consulting assignments in a range of industries with some 80 active clients for his Employment Advisory Service, and has taught “Negotiations and Collaborative Management” and “Dynamic Employee Relations in Changing Times” classes for a Masters Certificate in Municipal Administration program. John holds a BA in Political Science from McMaster University and completed the Advanced Professional Development program for Human Resources Executives at the University of Michigan. He has held board positions with the Regional Tourism Organization #6 in Ontario, Canada, Hills of Headwaters Tourism Association, East Wellington Family Health Team, Ladybird Animal Sanctuary, Equine Canada, and the Dalton Group of Companies.
Associates - We contract with other consultants considering the demands of the assignment and the expertise of the consultants.