Employer Advisory Service/Executive Coaching(EAS) - $175.00 per month

Consulting Fees ( Minimum 2 hours on site )
  With EAS Without
John Platz $310/hour $375/hour
Mark Gernon $225/hour $270/hour
Human Resource Consulting Negotiated flat fee or Hourly Hourly
Collective Bargaining Negotiated flat fee or Hourly Hourly
Investigations Negotiated flat fee or Hourly Hourly
Representation Negotiated flat fee or Hourly Hourly
Training & Development
  With EAS Without
1 day session $3900 $4300
½ day session $2200 $2500
2 hour session $1100 $1300
Strategic Planning
  With EAS Without
Strategic Planning-2 days $7500 $8500
Strategic Planning-1 days $3900 $4500
Other Services
  With EAS Without
Executive Search through Global Search 10% Discount
Outplacement/Career Counselling $1400 per person $1900 per person
Employee Relations Policy Manual $3900 $4500
Online Products (Psychometric Assessments Hiring/development)
  With EAS Without
Outmatch (Non-Exempt) Assessment $240 $290
Outmatch Hourly Assessment $75 $90
Employee Satisfaction Survey
  With EAS Without
$7.00 per employee Admin fee $175.00/location

Note: price is for total number of requested participating employees and payable at the commencement of the survey. Currency is location of employee in North America.