Employer Advisory Service/Executive Coaching(EAS) - $175.00 per month

Consulting Fees ( Minimum 2 hours on site )
With EAS Without
John Platz $375/hour $425/hour
Human Resource Consulting Negotiated flat fee or Hourly Hourly
Mediation Services Negotiated flat fee or Hourly Hourly
Investigations Negotiated flat fee or Hourly Hourly
Training & Development
With EAS Without
1 day session $3900 $4300
½ day session $2200 $2500
2 hour session $1100 $1300
Strategic Planning
With EAS Without
Strategic Planning-2 days $8900 $9500
Strategic Planning-1 days $4900 $5500
Other Services
With EAS Without
Executive Search through Global Search 10% Discount
Outplacement/Career Counselling $1900 per person $2500 per person
Employee Relations Policy Manual $4900 $5500
Not Me Solutions
With EAS Without
Comprehensive Organizational Harassment/whistleblowing System Volume Discounts Volume Discounts
Online Products (Psychometric Assessments Hiring/development)
With EAS Without
Harver (Outmatch) Assessment $250 $290 $440 both reports
Employee Satisfaction Survey
With EAS Without
$7.00 per employee Admin fee $175.00/location
Note: price is for total number of requested participating employees and payable at the commencement of the survey. Currency is location of employee in North America.