You may find that your collective agreement is not viable in the present business climate, and is limiting your ability to meet required business objectives. Perhaps you are expecting to enter negotiations with a union known to place excessive demands on your company. We can help. Platz & Associates Inc. has considerable experience in negotiating collective agreements in both the industrial and service sectors. We will be there to ensure an agreement is reached, while keeping your key requirements front-and-centre at the table. To ensure success we have developed a methodical approach to collective bargaining:
  1. We begin by reviewing with you, your entire collective agreement line-by-line, to ensure that all parties know precisely what you can, and cannot, accept during negotiations.
  2. An analysis of your business plan will be conducted and compared against the terms of your collective agreement.
  3. Where the collective agreement will impede the implementation of your business plan, we will assist in drafting proposals for change that will synchronize the business plan with the collective agreement.
  4. We will map out an action plan including approval stages, to ensure your ongoing support of the strategy.
  5. Platz & Associates Inc. will be there through the collective bargaining process to promote a successful resolution of negotiations.
In addition to these important steps, we will offer you a choice of a fixed fee for the entire processor our hourly rate.  Any legal matters are billed independently of our process.