Policy Manuals

A common source of organizational dysfunction is the sense amongst employees that workplace practices, rules, expectations and entitlements are inconsistent, unclear, or unfair. Morale will always suffer in such an environment, and the consequences are often reflected in high turnover, litigation of complaints and union organizing activity.

The need for transparency and consistency is fundamental if these kinds of problems are to be minimized.

Employment Policy manuals and handbooks are the simplest way to introduce clarity and consistency in this area, and we have assisted many clients in creating, or updating these important business documents.

Because each workplace is so different, it is impossible to recommend a “standard” template for your workplace. Instead, our approach relies on a combination of “boilerplate” policies and customized policies that reflect practices and needs unique to your workplace. The combination results in a package that is in compliance with your legal obligations, is easy to understand, and fully reflective of your culture and values.

OurUnique Process:

  • We will review all of your existing workplace practices and requirements
  • Any unique needs will be described in policy language
  • A draft manual will be created, and presented to the senior management group at the same time for review and amendment, as appropriate
  • You will receive a fully integrated manual, with Company logos and indexing, transmitted electronically, allowing you to distribute, copy, or amend as your requirements evolve.