The point of termination is always a very difficult exercise for both the employer and the employee. To assist in the transition from employee to former employee, we offer our version of Outplacement. If desired, we can participate in the termination interview and take the handoff of the employee from the employer. In addition to … Continue reading “Outplacement”


Most jurisdictions whether through Human Rights or Occupational Health & Safety legislation have placed strict obligations on employers to educate employees and to respond formally to complaints of harassment, sexual harassment, workplace violence or bullying in a timely fashion. Objectivity within the process is essential and we will step in to assume that role along … Continue reading “Investigations”

Pay Equity

Pay Equity is required by law in certain jurisdictions.  Failure to comply can have expensive consequences.  This is an illustration of our process. You are required to produce a plan that is gender-neutral. Many management consulting firms have created their own model as a recurring revenue production model.  The Pay Equity Commission has offered templates … Continue reading “Pay Equity”

Management Development

The need for investment in human resources training is recognized everywhere. The question common asked is whether this function is better performed in-house or outsourced. If you’ve made the decision to buy the service outside the organization, Platz and Associates Inc. can help you with all of your supervisory training needs. We will customize a … Continue reading “Management Development”

Collective Bargaining

You may find that your collective agreement is not viable in the present business climate, and is limiting your ability to meet required business objectives. Perhaps you are expecting to enter negotiations with a union known to place excessive demands on your company. We can help. Platz & Associates Inc. has considerable experience in negotiating … Continue reading “Collective Bargaining”

Strategic Planning Process

The Strategic Planning Process is intended to bring the appropriate stakeholders together in one room to map out the future. We use a standard SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis as the foundation for the development of strategic goals, generally three to five. In any organization, it also becomes important to assess who should attend. … Continue reading “Strategic Planning Process”

Policy Manuals

A common source of organizational dysfunction is the sense amongst employees that workplace practices, rules, expectations and entitlements are inconsistent, unclear, or unfair. Morale will always suffer in such an environment, and the consequences are often reflected in high turnover, litigation of complaints and union organizing activity. The need for transparency and consistency is fundamental … Continue reading “Policy Manuals”

Executive Coaching

As a former vice president of human resources, I have learned to fully appreciate that organizational success stems from successful leadership inside the company.  To that end, mentoring and offering sounding board advice to organizational leaders is an integral part of the consulting practice.  Leaders can be found at all levels of the organization and … Continue reading “Executive Coaching”

Employer Advisory Service

Your company will always need to deal with employee/employer issues. Although almost all of our employment laws are complaint driven, you will nevertheless be judged by the quality of your decisions at all times. Employees express their dissatisfaction in many ways from resigning from your employment or in the extreme, pursuing a more combative approach … Continue reading “Employer Advisory Service”